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SCD registeries

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SCD Phenotypes being collected Organization Country Organization is based Country Data was collected Submitted
Sickle Cell Disease A/S-Oman University of Namibia Namibia Namibia More details
Osteomyelitis VISION TRENDS NETWORK Nigeria Nigeria More details
Abnormal Red Blood Cell Deformability Makerere University Uganda Uganda More details
Acute Chest Syndrome, Acute Cholecystitis, Acute Complications of Sickle Cell Disease, Acute Hepatic Sequestration, Acute Splenic Sequestration Crisis, Albuminuria, Alpha Thalassemia, Avascular necrosis, Cholecystitis, Cholelithiasis, Chronic Complications of Sickle Cell Disease, Chronic Pain, Fetal Hemoglobin, Hypoxia, Ischemia, Leg Ulcer, Priapism, Proteinuria, Seizure, Sepsis, Sickle Cell Dactylitis, Stroke, Vaso-Occlusive Crisis University of Sao Paulo Brazil Brazil More details
Anemia, Arthritis, Cancer, Sickle Cell Disease-SC, Sickle Cell Disease-SS, Stroke Sickle Cell Disease Genomics Network of Africa (SickleGenAfrica) Ghana Ghana More details
Abdominal Vaso-Occlusive Crisis Hospital das Clínicas da Faculdade de Medicina da Universidade de São Paulo Brazil Brazil More details
Vaso-Occlusive Crisis Komfo Anokye Teaching Hospital Ghana Ghana More details
Abdominal Vaso-Occlusive Crisis, Acute Sickle Cell Crisis, Chronic Anemia, Chronic Hemolytic Anemia, Chronic Pain, Chronic Sickle Cell Pain, Hemoglobin S, Hemolytic anemia, SCD Related Pain, Severe Anemia, Sickle Cell Disease-SS, Sickle Cell Painful Event pasteur institute of tunis, laboratory of molecular and cellular hematology Tunisia Tunisia More details
Hemoglobin S Mulago Uganda Uganda More details
Abdominal Vaso-Occlusive Crisis, Abnormal Echocardiogram, Abnormal Hemoglobin Concentration, Acute Chest Syndrome, Acute Severe Headache, Anemia, Bone Pain, Chest Pain, Chronic Anemia, Chronic Pain, Cough, Fetal Hemoglobin, Fever, Hemoglobin S, Hypertension, Increased Susceptibility to Bacterial Infection, Jaundice, Leg Ulcer, Leukocytosis, Sickle Cell Trait, Stroke MUHIMBILI UNIVERSITY OF HEALTH AND ALLIED SCIENCES Tanzania Tanzania More details