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Sickle Cell Disease (SCD) poses a significant burden in people of African descent. Careful management and health reporting is imperative to consequently improve a patient's quality of life. To this, we developed the SCD Chommie App. A novel multilingual SCD management app.


The SCD Chommie App offers the following services:

  • Records the users' fatigue, pain, water, sleep and dietary patterns, which are then displayed in a dashboard.
  • Records pain entry on graphical body representation.
  • Sets medication reminders that send a notification to your mobile phone.
  • Records and saves medication intake.
  • Records user location when opening app to track weather information on user location.
  • Enables users to upload their medical record.
  • Offers health promotional messaging.
  • Is able to function with an external health band smart watch


Data collection

The SickleInAfrica Pain App collects a variety of user information:


The app collects the user's location coordinates everytime they initiliase the app. This information is collected on the app and sent to an online server in the background. Where they are used to collect the location's weather information at a specific time.

User information

User registry information is collected when a user registers an account on the app. This information includes a username, password, firstname, lastname, date of birth, and any disease the user has (if applicable).

Tracking data

Tracking data includes information consistently collected about the user's life. This includes their sleep, diet and water intake patterns as well as their pain level. This SCD Chommie App exists in two states: an online and offline state. This logic is illustrated when first opening the app where the user is required to use either one of the two states. The SCD Chommie App is available on Google Play Store.

Link:Google Play Store