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Dr. Rulh Parker (Pneumologist)

Dr. Ruhl is a pulmonologist in the Physiology Unit, Laboratory for Malaria and Vector Research, NIAID and the Pulmonary Branch, NHLBI. She is the team leader for clinical research efforts within a translational research program focused on the role of alpha thalassemia in vascular disease, including the effects of alpha globin gene variants on renal function, malaria and in people living with sickle cell disease.

Prof. Aldiouma Guindo (Principal Investigator)

Prof. Guindo is a Professor of Hematology at the University of Bamako, and in addition to the PharmD degree, he obtained a PhD from the University of London, did post-doctoral training in the NIAID Laboratory of Malaria and Vector Research under Dr Thomas E. Wellems. He is a member of French society of hematology and an allied member of American society of hematology.