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Skills Development

This working aims to coordinate training and skills development across SPARCO and SADaCC for the members of the consortium as well as SPAN.


  • Working group meets monthly
  • External training opportunities are available on the Sickle In Africa/SADaCC website
  • List of training priorities is loaded onto SADaCC website
  • Database of existing training opportunities to collaborate with
  • New training curricula are designed and implemented
  • Professional development training is conducted
  • Public engagement reports are made publicly available
  • Webinars are conducted monthly

Progress to date:

  • List of training priorities
  • Introduction to Data Management Training Curriculum
  • Introduction to Data Management Workshop Plan
  • Medical Genetics and Genetic Counselling Training Plan

Chair: Prof. Obiageli Nnodu

Members: Prof. Ambroise Wonkam, Prof. Nicola Mulder, Dr. Victoria Nembaware, Dr. Jack Morrice, Ms. Paidamoyo Bodzo, Prof. Julie Makani, Dr. Irene Minja, Ms. Josephine Mgaya, Dr Amma Benneh-Akwasi Kuma, Prof Alex Osei-Akoto, Prof. Obiageli Nnodu, Dr. Maxwell Nwegbu, Dr. Olugbenga Ofakunri, Prof. Aldiouma Guindo, Yeya dit Sadio Sarro, Dr. Irene Kida Minja, Dr. Agnes Jonathan, Dr Ruth Namazzi, Dr D. Munube, Dr. Patience Kuona, Jombo Namushi

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