Prof. Delva Shamley (Consultant)

Dr Shamley has worked in academia for 26 years, 13 of which were spent in Oxford, UK. Dr Shamley works in proteomics and genomics of latent effects of adjuvant therapy in breast cancer. In this field her work covers laboratory based research and translation into practice. She has experience and knowledge of many research designs and has run departments and centres for research in the UK and SA.

She is currently Director of the Clinical Research Centre at UCT. Clinical Research at UCT is supported by the Clinical Research Centre (CRC) which aims to promote and enhance research capacity locally and across sub-Saharan Africa. This is achieved by a comprehensive team of highly skilled research staff, a research facility consisting of out-patient consulting rooms, 2 research pharmacists and two processing laboratories. Additionally, we have a 24-bed Phase I ward which has met all international standards. The centre runs a full quality management system according to regulatory and ethical requirements and including GCP, GCLP, ISO9001 and ISO14155. Together with centres for drug and medical device development at the University of Cape Town, the CRC provides a seamless process from development to clinical testing and as such acts as an excellent conduit for linking many researchers with industry and other partners.

The CRC is unique in South Africa and we are in discussion with other universities to provide training and support for establishing similar centres across the country and indeed in sub-Saharan Africa. In this capacity we support groups in several countries including, Zimbabwe, Ethiopia and Kenya. In addition, we have hosted teams from, and are in early discussions with, the Cameroon Academy of Sciences and the International Centre of Excellence in Research ICER-Mali. Our role in developing sustainable research capacity is to assist with the establishment of Clinical Trials Units and to provide ongoing training and mentoring of the teams. Hosting the African Global Health Trials Network office within the CRC enhances our ability to achieve this goal.

Central to any support the CRC provides is raising awareness of the EDCTP Networks of Excellence, the African Institute of Bioscience and Technology (AiBST), and other relevant centres of excellence in Africa. Dr Shamley brings knowledge of research design, management, governance and ethical oversight.