Dr. Gaston Mazandu

Gaston K. Mazandu is from Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) and initially a graduate in Mathematics with an Honours degree in mathematics from University of Kinshasa in Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC). He was awarded a Postgraduate Diploma in Mathematical Sciences at the African Institute for Mathematical Sciences (AIMS) in Cape Town, South Africa and a Masters in Computer Science at Stellenbosch University in South Africa. He received his PhD degree in Bioinformatics at University of Cape Town, Division of Computational Biology.

Dr Mazandu has been an assistant professor at University of Kinshasa in DRC, teaching assistant and visiting lecturer at the African institute for Mathematical Sciences (AIMS) as well as lecturer at University of Cape Town in South Africa for the past few years, supervising undergraduate and postgraduate students. His research interest includes Translational Bioinformatics and Epidemiology, Computational Systems Biology, Comparative and Functional Genomics, and Biological Ontology semantic analysis. His current research focuses on integrating large-scale biological and statistical data to analyze factors that contribute to disease transmission dynamics in human populations at epidemiological and molecular levels.

His expertise area includes Bioinformatics and Genomics tool development, large scale data analysis, statistical and mathematical modelling as well as machine learning techniques.