Ms. Malula Nkanyemka (Programme Manager)

Ms. Nkanyemka holds Master’s Degree in Women’s Law (MWL) from Southern and Eastern Regional Centre for Womens’ Law of University of Zimbabwe, Zimbabwe. In 2004, she obtained her Bachelor of Arts in Political Science and Public Administration specialized in International Relations. She is a Programme Management Specialist with over 14 years’ experience on Projects and Programmes Management with Government and International Non-Governmental Organisations (INGOs).

Malula has worked on broad of projects and programme that covers different thematic areas: Health sub-studies, Gender focusing on Women and Children, Advocacy, Research, Monitoring and Evaluation, Risk and Crisis Management, Fundraising, Leadership, Recruitment and Team Management, Project Management, Youth Programs, Trainer on Job Placement Curriculum and Life Skills Trainer, International Development, Capacity Building and Facilitation, Financial Management, Strategic Planning, Product Strategy Development, PPP-Public Private Partnership, Stakeholders Management and Education Programs Management

She is experienced in the Project/ Programme Cycle Management (PCM): situational analysis, planning and budgeting, funding, implementation, evaluation and appraisal for development and sustainability. She practically managed large and small programme’s portfolios.

Malula managed partnership projects and programmes with different funders: Ireland Embassy (Youth Lead Project-Youths Empowerment Research Program), MasterCard (Passport To Success: System Change Project for Youths in Tanzania), DFID Tanzania (Next Generation Youth Research Program), UKAID (Capacity Building for the Ministry of Finance and Planning), British Gas/Shell, Tanzania(Employability Technical Skills-Education Program for Oil and Gas), East Africa Development Bank (Education Training and Fellowship Program for Medical Doctors in Tanzania) and Commonwealth UK (UK Higher Education and Capacity Building for Tanzanians)

She is currently working with Sickle Cell Programme in Tanzania as Programme Manager to the programme and to the SPARCO Center.